Unboxing Secret Project #4

Huh, I was really convinced that I had already written and posted this unboxing, but apparently not!
Even though I already received my 4th secret project from Brandon Sanderson at the end of October, before I even got around to reading the book digitally, which was a first! Previously, I had always read and seen the book digitally before seeing it in real life, so this unboxing was rather unique for me.

Honestly, I had been hesitating on whether or not I would still read this book this year. Not because it didn’t appeal to me, but rather because I might want to save some Brandon Sanderson for 2024, lol.
But I ended up reading it just before the end of November, this time in the real book instead of the e-book. I still have to write the review, so first the unboxing this time, which also corresponds chronologically with how I experienced it!

No surprises this time with the box. Pretty standard compared to the others, and no dangerous looking bruises or bumps.

No surprises when opening the box either. Only, what a gigantic quote! You can’t read it completely without unpacking it first. So let’s do that first!

First as always the spoiler card…

…followed by the traditional items.
The pin was this time of Kaladin, from The Stormlight Archive! That’s the second pin from the same series, but you won’t hear me complaining, because Kaladin is one of my favorite characters ever.
Then the sticker matching the book. Very beautiful and detailed with golden foil.

And of course again a nice sturdy bookmark, with two illustrations that also appear in the book.

And before I move on to said book, let’s take a closer look at the box.
Ha, another typical Hoid quote, absurd and funny, but correct. And a sweet thank you.

Okay, and now the book.
Another beautiful piece made with a buttery soft imitation leather in red. The cover illustration is partly punched into the cover and has details in two types of gold foil, matte and glossy.
I also think the illustration itself is very successful and more beautiful than de mock-up version.
Unique to this 4th secret project is that the edges are sprayed in a uniform black, which fits well with the general feel of the book

The inside is again as impressive as the inside, beginning with these two large illustrations as endpapers

As indicated by the cover, red is the accent colour for all details and illustrations inside, which is quite striking and quite beautiful.

There are quite a few illustrations, by the way, both in two-tone as in full color on glossy paper. If you want, you can view all the illustrations here, much better than my sometimes clumsy photos 😉

And that’s it, the end of my year of Sanderson. It’s crazy how quickly it went by again. All four books are truly remarkable and gorgeous, both externally and internally. My bookcase has only become more beautiful!

Unfortunately, I have found that it is better not to put the books upright.
I was so enamored with the look (and story) of the first secret project, that I had displayed the book upright, cover facing out.
However, after a while I noticed that the book was sagging a bit and upon closer inspection I found that the front endpaper and front cover were tearing away from the book block, probably due to the weight of the book.
Of course I contacted Dragonsteel, because this seems to me to be a design/construction error, since I think a book should be able to stand upright without falling apart. But unfortunately they couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything, because I had already had the book for a few months.
Since then I have been laying these books flat, as you can see in the photo.

Speaking of mistakes, sharp eyes might also have noticed something in the photos above.
When I unpacked and inspected my copy of The Sunlit Man, I noticed some minor damage to the bottom of the foiling. I also contacted Dragonsteel for this, but this time it was within 10 days of receiving the book, so they were able/wanted to help me. Exceptionally as it turned out, since I was sent a brand new copy, without having to return the damaged copy. That’s why you see two of them on my shelves 😀

Well that’s it for now. My review of the story coming soon!


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