Reading journal June 2023

For my June reading journal theme, I opted for a softer, more romantic style, again inspired by some images from Pinterest.

Or no, actually, the idea mainly came about while I was browsing for some fonts I could imitate by hand. This was when I came across one incorporating flowers.
From this idea, the whole layout came together, using the Pinterest images that drew me in the most at that time.

The following pages then naturally flowed from that first title page, first for my list of books read, statistics and book of the month.

Speaking of the latter, if it weren’t for the fact that I always select a monthly favourite, I wouldn’t have chosen one for June. None of the books read really stood out to me and the eventual chosen book was an ok read that I enjoyed at the time, but will not be standing out amongst many of the other books already selected as monthly favourites.

And finally the pages with my reviews per book, done in the same style established.


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