Spring Jacket

For Christmas I made my youngest godchild a pair of trendy green linen pants. After making this and a cute little bowtie to go with it, I still had a fair amount of fabric left, which I could use to complete the outfit.

So at the beginning of this year I leafed through the available magazines in my sewing class, until my eye got cought by this denim jacket from Ottobre (spring 1/2022). Very hip and I could immediately imagine it in my green fabric.
However, I did fear that I wouldn’t have enough fabric for this, since the jacket consists of many different pieces, but my sewing teacher was quite determined that it would work.

It took quite some puzzling and measuring and a fair amount of hail Mary’s, but eventually I got all the necessary parts from my leftover fabric. Not an inch was left unused, which is actually perfect! But also a bit stressful, since I couldn’t afford a single mistake when cutting, lol.

I opted to use an orange contrast thread to sew all visible seams.
For the pants I made earlier I had put one small orange accent in it, but for this jacket I thought I could be a little more daring. In the end my orange thread disappears quite inconspicuously in the fabric. You only see it when you get really close and I think this is a nice effect!

I took the longest deciding on my buttons.
The reason for this was that I had a very specific idea in my head and finding something so specific in the store is almost impossible. My idea was actually to work with one orange accent button, between other regular green buttons. And most of all I would have loved to find an orange dinosaur or dragon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this, so in the end I settled for a wooden car button. I did make that buttonhole with orange thread and I also sewed the car with orange.
All other buttons and buttonholes were in a green that matched the fabric perfectly.

Amazing that I could make this from a leftover. I wasn’t convinced at all that this would work, but look how cute this turned out? Quite proud about this 😀