Reading journal January 2023

The theme of my January reading journal is no coincidence, of course. Since I was behind on setting up my monthly pages, I could use it to draw inspiration from the books I had already read that month. Of course this was Tress of the Emerald Sea. However, instead of going for a green theme, I was inspired by a pinterest image of a ship at night.

I combined this photo with both papers and stickers from the Action, for an old-fashioned nautical theme. For the titles I also decided to use my printer, so I could use the font Caribbean tool.

A fetching combination, if I do say so myself, that I continued in my next spread for my list of books read, statistics and favorite of the month.

As always, I limited myself to working with the same colours for the reviews per book. For the dividing line I was also inspired by the stickers used, so that everything forms a coherent whole!

And voilà, my reading journal for 2023 has had a good start! 🙂