Moana ta-dah!

Finished! The knit dress in Catania is finished!

Moana 007

As I mentioned before, the dress turned out a little smaller than I had hoped. The chest size is only 57cm, while I had hoped for 61cm. Therefore I also compensated in the length and knit to 51cm.

You can see a couple of sloppy areas, especially where I had to begin a new ball. But all in all it looks pretty good!

Now I only hope one of my nieces will be able to wear it! 😉

The details
Pattern: Moana by Rachel Evans
Yarn: Catania in colour 253 (179g)
Needle: 3mm for the top and 4mm for the skirt
Knitted size: 10 years
Measurements: Chest: 57cm, length: 51cm.
According to the pattern this is between 3 and 4 yr.