Jim pants

Christmas has been over for a while and the Christmas presents have all been unwrapped, but I didn’t show them all here yet. Well, not the homemade presents.
After all the knitting mill creations, another sewing project today!

For my youngest godchild I had already made the Jim pants from La Maison Victor (Sep/Oct 2016) a while back. I liked the result so much that I had decided to make it again one day.

When I came across a green linen fabric, it immediatly made me think of that pattern. Usually I find it difficult to see garments in a fabric, so when I actually do get such an epiphany, I of course have to run with it.

The first time I made this pattern, I didn’t really understand at first glance how all the pieces would fit together. Now, the second time around, it went a lot quicker.

For the waist band I had also found the perfect fabric. As an added detail, I used some oranje thread for some of the seems.

In the end it turned out that I had bought too much fabric again. Enough that I could make another pair of pants out of it if I wanted to!
However, someone in the sewing class suggested a vest or shirt, which I thought was a great idea. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to make this before Christmas too, but I’ll keep the idea for next time!

I did still had time to make a bow out of leftovers. So cute!

Once I have made the vest or shirt, this will be a very smart outfit. But for now, the pants and bow were already a succes!


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