When Andi Satterlund from Untangling Knots published her Arachne last year, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it and scouring my stash for fitting yarn.

I knit a couple of swatches, considered some different colour options for the spiderweb and then enthousiastically started knitting

Round after round flew from my needles, so that I could see that beautiful spiderweb grow.

But then, somewhere between finishing the sweater and starting the first sleeve, I lost my enthousiasm. The sweater was put aside for over a year.

Now that the temperatures are dropping, the days are getting darker and the situation with the pandemic will probably prevent us from leaving our homes, I start to feel like knitting again.
Funny how one moment one can be completely obsessed by a hobby, to then practically forget about it for over a year…

To get back into the rhythm I decided to pick this project back up instead of starting something new. And I seriously regret not finishing this one sooner!

Even though I don’t think it looks elegant on me when I wear it on top of a dress or skirt, it looks great on top of trousers. And better yet, it feel absolutely comfortable as well.

I already got a lot of wear from this sweater, especially since it’s perfect for this time of year!


The Details
Pattern: Arachne by Andi Satterlund
Yarn: Veritas Apilou in Medium blue (250g) and Zeeman Super Soft in sand (26g)
Needle: 3,75mm
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