Lola floral dress

A while ago I bought a number of fabrics online at budgetstoffen.
I actually only needed one thing, but all stores were closed at the time for known reasons, so to avoid shipping costs, I bought more than strictly necessary. OK yes, that’s the excuse that I keep giving myself;)

One of the fabrics I bought was a light, supple knit fabric with pink flowers on a blue background. The idea was to recreate this dress, since my goddaughter really loves it. Unfortunately, I quickly got lost on how to make it, since at the time I made that dress together with my sewing teacher in class and I had not made any notes for myself in order to be able to reproduce the dress.
So yes, I got stuck, but due to my good experiences lately with the patterns by The Simple Life Company I decided to see if anything caught my eye there.

Eventually, my eye fell on the Lola, with an asymmetric top and a flounce .
In my sewing class, just before the lockdown, we were working on drafting a pattern for a maxi dress with flounce. Before I could start drawing-cutting-and-pasting the flounce pattern for my size, classes were canceled. Even though I had gotten the explanation from my teacher, by the time I wanted to try it at home, I had forgotten a lot of what I needed to do.
So when I saw this Lola, I was drawn to the flounce. Okay, yes, with this pattern I wasn’t going to learn how to draw a flounce from scratch myself, because it’s a ready-made pattern, but I would at least get a feel for it.
Moreover, I really like the model for my goddaughter and it also reminds me of the 90s and Barbie’s 🙂

Once again praise for the clear explanations in the pattern from The Simple Life Company.
I have often read patterns in traditional sewing magazines, and it is rarely anything as crystal clear as what I read in these patterns, and they are written in English while that’s not my native tongue!

So I’m really happy with the sewing experience of this dress and I absolutely love the result! The fabric is also really nice and drapes excellent in the circle skirt!


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