Speedy Bulle

Time ran away with me again and suddenly there were only 2 weeks left before A’s birthday party and I still needed to start on her present. Doh!

Like I said previously, the plan was to make her another Bulle, since she loves wearing her pink one. It’s not such a difficult pattern, but to knit it in only a fortnight would be quite the challenge.

When the girls picked their favourite colours from my yarn stash last year, A had filtered out all the pink ones, being a real girlie-girl. But since I already made her a pink Bulle, I chose another colour for this one: a light greyish green.

And then I had to get cracking!

I calculated how many rows/rounds I had to knit in total and divided this by the number of days left before the deadline. This resulted in me having to knit at least 30 rows/rounds per day, which is quite a lot! Especially since I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to knit every day, so the days that I could knit would have an extra amount of pressure.

Of course I knit on the train. I had no choice, since if I didn’t my number of knitting-days left would reduce drastically again.

In one week and a half I knitted this dress, except for the pockets. What a strain that was for my hands and elbows!

To knit the pockets, I needed to choose another colour and to adhere a little to the pink-wish, I was going to pick a pink colour. After some hesitation, I chose a light pink with a sparkly effect.


Thirteen days after I started, I weaved in the last ends on this dress, with 2 days spare before the birthday party. That way I could still wash and dry the piece.

Even though I managed to knit it in such a short time, in future I’ll make sure I start earlier! Like I said, totally not good for my hands and elbows. After I finished this dress, I gave myself a knitting rest for at least 2 weeks. I was hoping that I might be able to pick up a knitting or crochet needle after only a week, but as I write this, a little more than a week has passed and I feel that some more rest wouldn’t hurt, so I’m still waiting a bit. If I want to be able to continue knitting and crocheting for a long time still, I need to take care of my hands and arms 😉

The details
Patterns: Bulle by Oomieknits
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Lincoln (158g) for the dress
Zeeman Baby Sparkle in 30_Pink (27g) for the pockets
Needle: 5mm for the dress
4,5mm for the pockets
Gauge: 10cm² = 19 stitches over 27 rows with 5mm needle
Size: 3/4 years with adjustments for length to make a dress instead of a tunic
Ravelry project: Speedy Bulle
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