Every little girl wants to be queen Elsa

The plan to systematically translate my Flemish (=Dutch) posts in English has lost a bit of its wind, since I’ve been omitting so much translations. My last translation dates as far back as October 2015, while I have been posting fairly regularly in Dutch. I think this is partly because I don’t know how much interest there is in my blog for people speaking another language than my native one.

Anyway, I thought I would try to catch up a little bit and the first project I want to share with you is a new dress I knitted for my god daughter Janne.
Before I started the dress I want to talk about today, I had knit a cute cotton dress using the Moana pattern by Rachel Evans as a way to reduce my stash. I only had a limited amount of cotton yarn, so I knit a size accordingly hoping one of my nieces would fit in it. Luckily for me, the dress fitted niece Emma perfectly and she was exceedingly happy to receive the dress.

Niece Emma wears her Moana dress for the first time
Niece Emma wears her Moana dress for the first time

I was so charmed and pleased with Emma’s reaction that I decided on the spot to knit the pattern again, but this time for Janne, who’s 2 years older than Emma. Like all little girls, Janne is completely obsessed with the Disney film Frozen and particularly with queen Elsa. So my plan was to knit Moana in an icy-blue with silvery accents.

Moana 2 - 03b

I had told Janne that I would make her an Elsa-dress, which of course meant she asked about the dress all the time, which made me knit as if I was possessed.

Moana 2 - 04b

When I finished the dress, much quicker than I could have ever hoped, I got the crazy idea to make a matching cape.
After some searches online I found a way to make it happen that didn’t require any sewing. All I needed was a piece of organza, scissors and decoration such as glitter-glue and stick-on jewellery, to give me a stunning result!

Elsa Cape 101b

Elsa Cape 102   Elsa Cape 103

Elsa Cape 104b

I had bought a large amount of organza, enough for 2 capes, so I made another one for sister Emma.

Elsa Cape 201b

Elsa Cape 202   Elsa Cape 203

And of course then I thought that I could not just make things for two sisters and leave baby sister Amelie out. So I went back to the store and bought another piece of organza, purple this time, and made a third mini-cape.

Elsa Cape 301

Elsa Cape 302   Elsa Cape 303

And now the three sisters can pretend to be queen Elsa. Or a fairy. Or a princess. Or…whatever they want!

Nieces happy = auntie happy 🙂


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