Made another security blanket

I’ve been neglecting this place again, haven’t I?

These last two weeks were a bit *meh*.
I had to briefly go to Finland again for work and once I got back I wasn’t feeling 100%. But I never feel sick enough to justify to myself to stay home and I also don’t easily go to the doctor. So I kept working, even if I did feel all that.

And then last week I really wasn’t well.
I felt hot, too hot, so hot. And I wasn’t hungry. Ugh, food, no thanks. And tired, so tired. But after a couple of days with extra sleep and a couple of fever tablets, the problem was solved. More or less at least.

Normally I was also going to visit a newborn baby, but I thought it a bit irresponsible with the way I was feeling. I would have never forgiven myself if I got mum or baby sick. So the visit got postponed to Monday, which gave me some more time to finish my gift.

RKD 01

A security blanket with matching softie, a fish this time. This wasn’t inspired by the announcement card, but fish were the overall theme.

RKD 02

The security blanket is a simple, old-fashioned granny square with a shell edging.

RKD 03

The fish was made using an existing pattern with a couple of changes like the lips and eyes.

RKD 04

And then all that was left was to sew the fish to the blanket.

As always I was a little apprehensive about giving the gift.
I have one bad experience where the mum looked at my diy-gift as if it was something I had dug out of the garbage. This experience always makes me a little anxious for future home-made gifts. Well, some people can’t appreciate them, that’s just so.
But luckily my nervousness was unfounded! The present was happily received. Jeij! 😉

The details
Pattern: Combination of a granny square and a fish (Fredde the fish by Apocalypse knits)
Yarn: Zeeman Super soft in pastel yellow, pastel green, yellow, green and orange.
Needle: 3,5mm for the blanket, 3mm for the fish
Made for: Eve’s Renate
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