Work in Progress


That I can be pretty stubborn sometimes might be something you’ve picked up on already. I ask a question here, a couple of people reply this and then I still decide to do that. Yes, sometimes I have to see before I believe 😉
So indeed, I have already started knitting the Moana dress in Catania.

And this dress will probably be my I-won’t-give-an-inch dress, because apart from my unrelenting decison to knit this in 100% cotton yarn, I also consistently ignored part of the instructions.

You might remember my problem with the stripey shawl? The problem I had there was with the first and last stitches of every row. That’s actually the problem I have with all my back-to-forth knits. The edging stitches turn out much looser than the rest, no matter how much I drive up my tension for those particular stitches.
A learned a trick a while back to help neaten those edges. All first stitches need to be slipped purl wise, while all last stitches are knit. No matter what row you’re on, slip the first, knit the last. For me it visually makes my edges neater, not yet perfect, but better.

So when I started Moana with back-and-forth knitting I consistently slipped the first stitch purl wise on one side. For the other side I couldn’t do this, because I needed to increase there. The result is of course an uneven edge where the one side is in stockinette and the other in garter stitch.

Links: tricot - Rechts: ribbels
Left: stockinette – Rechts: garter

And now I have of course realised that these edges will eventually form the neckline and my stubborn mistake will be very visible 🙁

My initial thought was, “Whatever, I’ll just continue.” But the more I knit, the more the asymmetric edge started to bother me.
I searched the net for ideas to reknit this first stitch without having to unravel the entire piece, but I couldn’t really find exactly what I needed. So, stubborn as I am, I started experimenting myself. This is the result.

Moana 003

Yep, I ruined the whole thing and in a temper tantrum I unravelled the entire piece. Now I need to start again from scratch. *sigh*

Stubborn ninny!