Weasley sweater for Mini

Last Saturday I went on maternity visit at Evelien’s. At the beginning of February, she gave birth to her second baby, a boy named Lucas – code name Mini.

I already knew it was going to be a boy, which gave me pause to figure out what to make.
For her little girl, over a year ago, I made a ballerina doll, and even though it’s in fashion now not to stereotype based on gender, I found it a little strange to make a ballerina doll for her boy too. But what was I going to make then?

After some hesitation I finally chose a piece of clothing, after a pattern I’ve been wanting to make for a while now: The Weasley Sweater
Just like me, Evelien is a huge Harry Potter fan, so chances were she was going to like this.

I first intended to use Gryffindor colours (red and gold), but I knew Evelien didn’t like red all that much. I also knew that the baby’s room was going to be dark blue with yellow accents and since I’m partial to Ravenclaw myself, I eventually chose blue and bronze for this project. And once the birth announcement arrived, I knew I had chosen well!

Of course I didn’t know the name of Mini in advance (even though I suspected), so I couldn’t knit in the letter in advance. But since changing colour in knitting often creates weak spots in the fabric, I decided to duplicate stitch the letter afterwards.

The embroidery hasn’t turned out as neat as I wanted, but I do like how the letter pops.

If I were to make this pattern again, I would try adjusting it to knit in one piece, since the seeming makes it look less professional, in my opinion.
But in the end I’m happy with the result. And I think Evelien was too.

The details
Pattern: The Weasley Sweater by Alison Hansel
Letter L by Lilliput and Kitty Crafts
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Royal (135g) and Gold
Needle: 5mm
Gauge 10cm² = 19 stitches over 27 rows with 5mm needle
Size: Child S to get size 9 to 12 months (ideal for next winter)
Ravelry project: Weasley Sweater for Mini

Amelie’s fourth birthiday

Time ran away with me again and suddenly there were only 2 weeks left before Amelie’s birthday party and I still needed to start on her present. Doh!

Like I said previously, the plan was to make Amelie another Bulle, since she loves wearing her pink one. It’s not such a difficult pattern, but to knit it in only a fortnight would be quite the challenge.

When the girls picked their favourite colours from my yarn stash last year, Amelie had filtered out all the pink ones, being a real girlie-girl. But since I already made her a pink Bulle, I chose another colour for this one: a light greyish green.

And then I had to get cracking!

I calculated how many rows/rounds I had to knit in total and divided this by the number of days left before the deadline. This resulted in me having to knit at least 30 rows/rounds per day, which is quite a lot! Especially since I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to knit every day, so the days that I could knit would have an extra amount of pressure.

Of course I knit on the train. I had no choice, since if I didn’t my number of knitting-days left would reduce drastically again.

In one week and a half I knitted this dress, except for the pockets. What a strain that was for my hands and elbows!

To knit the pockets, I needed to choose another colour and to adhere a little to Amelie’s pink-wish, I was going to pick a pink colour. After some hesitation, I chose a light pink with a sparkly effect, which would definitely score some extra points with Amelie 😉


Thirteen days after I started, I weaved in the last ends on this dress, with 2 days spare before Amelie’s birthday party. That way I could still wash and dry the piece.


Even though I managed to knit it in such a short time, in future I’ll make sure I start earlier! Like I said, totally not good for my hands and elbows. After I finished this dress, I gave myself a knitting rest for at least 2 weeks. I was hoping that I might be able to pick up a knitting or crochet needle after only a week, but as I write this, a little more than a week has passed and I feel that some more rest wouldn’t hurt, so I’m still waiting a bit. If I want to be able to continue knitting and crocheting for a long time still, I need to take care of my hands and arms 😉

And Amelie? I think she was happy with her new dress 😀

The details
Patterns: Bulle by Oomieknits
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Lincoln (158g) for the dress
Zeeman Baby Sparkle in 30_Pink (27g) for the pockets
Needle: 5mm for the dress
4,5mm for the pockets
Gauge: 10cm² = 19 stitches over 27 rows with 5mm needle
Size: 3/4 years with adjustments for length to make a dress instead of a tunic
Ravelry project: Bulle Amelie

Working on #4

My last update on my WIPS already dates back to last November ! So it’s high time to give you an update, since my hands have not been idle!


The sweater that I started at the end of last year has grown a bit further.
I do not work on it all that much, because I always have a different project on my knitting or crochet needles that has priority. But knitting like that can be fun sometime too. Only thing is that I will have to remind myself to finish it, because I do not want it to end up in a forgotten corner!

At the end of last year, my nieces also placed an order for new dresses. Well, at least, they chose colours from my enormous stash.
The idea then was to have a new dress for each of them by New Year, but that was a little too ambitious. But at the time, when I was still convinced that it was going to work, I worked hard on Emma’s wish: a Bulle in two colours.

The idea of ​​knitting that dress in two colours intrigued me and I wanted to find out how to go about it. This dress has been lying here for almost two months now, waiting for me to sew the buttons and give it to Emma.

I have also started on the order for Amelie.
The plan now is to give the dresses to each of the girls for their birthday, only I fear that I have started little too late on Amelie’s dress 🙁 I hope I’ll be able to finish it for her party. Fingers crossed!

And then I am also working on a secret project for the newborn son of a colleague. The little boy was born 3 weeks early, so it messed up my planning somewhat ;-). However, the birth announcement did confirm that I chose a good color, even though it is not exactly the same shade. What it is exactly, I’ll keep a surprise still, since I know that the mommy occasionally comes to read here;) (Hej Evelien! :-P)

And that’s all that I’m working on right now, crochet and knitting wise. In my sewing classes I am also working on a project, of course, but I always forget to take pictures there. So you’ll have to have some patience until it’s finished, I think 😉

And what are you all working on?