Working on #4

My last update on my WIPS already dates back to last November ! So it’s high time to give you an update, since my hands have not been idle!


The sweater that I started at the end of last year has grown a bit further.
I do not work on it all that much, because I always have a different project on my knitting or crochet needles that has priority. But knitting like that can be fun sometime too. Only thing is that I will have to remind myself to finish it, because I do not want it to end up in a forgotten corner!

At the end of last year, my nieces also placed an order for new dresses. Well, at least, they chose colours from my enormous stash.
The idea then was to have a new dress for each of them by New Year, but that was a little too ambitious. But at the time, when I was still convinced that it was going to work, I worked hard on Emma’s wish: a Bulle in two colours.

The idea of ​​knitting that dress in two colours intrigued me and I wanted to find out how to go about it. This dress has been lying here for almost two months now, waiting for me to sew the buttons and give it to Emma.

I have also started on the order for Amelie.
The plan now is to give the dresses to each of the girls for their birthday, only I fear that I have started little too late on Amelie’s dress πŸ™ I hope I’ll be able to finish it for her party. Fingers crossed!

And then I am also working on a secret project for the newborn son of a colleague. The little boy was born 3 weeks early, so it messed up my planning somewhat ;-). However, the birth announcement did confirm that I chose a good color, even though it is not exactly the same shade. What it is exactly, I’ll keep a surprise still, since I know that the mommy occasionally comes to read here;) (Hej Evelien! :-P)

And that’s all that I’m working on right now, crochet and knitting wise. In my sewing classes I am also working on a project, of course, but I always forget to take pictures there. So you’ll have to have some patience until it’s finished, I think πŸ˜‰

And what are you all working on?


What I made in 2017

For 2017 I count twenty-one handmade projects! Surprising for me is that the majority are sewing projects, while I’m fairly new to the craft and thus less inclined to try something new.
The majority of these projects didn’t get an English blog post, but you can still see the pictures or use Google Translate if you’re curious πŸ˜‰

  1. 04/02 – Metalart (workshop)
  2. 04/03 – Princess dress Paulien (crochet)
  3. 26/03 – Cover for lipbalm (sewing)
  4. 12/04 – Pajamas Janne (sewing)
  5. 13/04 – Golden cardigan (knitting)
  6. 18/05 – Mermaid blanket Emma (crochet)
  7. 24/05 – Flamingodress Janne (sewing)
  8. 08/06 – Flamingoskirt (sewing)
  9. 15/06 – Pencil case (sewing)
  10. 21/06 – Tulle skirt Janne (sewing)
  11. 28/06 – Pencil case Janne (sewing)
  12. 07/07 – Japanese V-neck top (crochet)
  13. 21/07 – Blue skirt Janne (sewing)
  14. 24/07 – Pax shawl (crochet)
  15. 12/08 – Fluo-orange Miette (knitting)
  16. 04/10 – Bigger on the inside (knitting)
  17. 05/11 – Mermaid blanket Liv (crochet)
  18. 26/11 – Banasik Tunic Line (knitting)
  19. 06/12 – Blouse (sewing)
  20. 20/12 – Elsa dress (sewing)
  21. 23/12 – Doll Amelie (crochet)

Achieved 2017’s wishes?

I never call it resolutions or intentions, but rather wishes. My crafting wishes for 2017 can be summarised as follows:

  • Clothing for me: pullover and/or cardigan
  • Learning a new technique: colour knitting, intarsia, stranded knitting or fair-isle (and learning the meaning of all these different terms)

And when I look back on all my projects from the past year, I have granted both those wishes in 2017!

I made four pieces of clothing for myself: two successful cardigans, one less successful top and a blouse of which I’m terribly proud. Eventually I gave one of the cardigans away, but I’m still counting it as made for me πŸ˜‰ Then I also made a cool and a less cool shawl for me and I sewed myself a pencil case.
So I made a fair number of items for me, but the majority of what I made was still intended for others.

As far as the new technique is concerned, I granted that wish with the – even if I do say so myself – supercute dress for my niece Line. To be able to say that I really know this technique, I will have to make some more projects using it, but I’ve made a good start!
And I also think I’ve figured out the meaning and differences between all those names. Perhaps I should one day write a post about it?

Personal favourites

All my projects are a source of personal pride, but there are still a few I like more than others.

I wrote the above sentence before I actually went to choose my favorites. This turned out to be not so simple, especially for the sewing-projects, since every piece was a new milestone in my sewing-ability. But hey, I tried to make a top three sewing projects anyway:


  • Blouse
    This blouse was my sewing class project during almost the entire semester. I cursed, cried and cursed some more. It wasn’t an easy piece and the result is not at all perfect, but I’m so proud of this item! A blouse I actually dare wear outside the house.
  • Pajamas
    These pajamas were made in sewing class at the end of last school year. My first real item of clothing.
  • Elsa dress
    This dress made the top three mainly because of the reaction from Janne. She was so extremely happy, that it made me melt (haha)

I thought that picking a favourite crochet item would be easier, since I have fewer to choose from. But in the end I was left with two projects that I couldn’t reduce to one.


  • Mermaid blanket for Emma
    Of the two mermaid blankets I crocheted last year, the first one is still my favourite. I was so proud that I managed to bring my idea into reality!
  • Fairy Amelie
    Ah, this doll! This doll was such a joy to make. And anticipating Amelie’s reaction made it even greater. Making this doll was a real creative outlet.

Finally, choosing a favourite from my knitting projects proved to be impossible.


  • Golden cardigan
    This was my first ever knit cardigan. I learned so much and most of all, I gained the confidence to try out more patterns. This sweater is double special, because my sister-in-law wore it on her weddingday. If that isn’t a compliment, I don’t know what is πŸ˜‰
  • Fluo-orange cardigan
    A risky colour, yes, but extremely happy with this cardigan and how it matches the dress for which I made it. It even matches other dresses in my wardrobe as well. A cardigan I already wore a lot and will get a lot of wear still!
  • Doctor Who shawl
    A shawl in Tardis-colour with knitted Tardisses along the edge. No further explanations needed. Also a project that I already wore a lot.
  • Fair-isle dress
    For a change I only knitted one dress for my nieces this year (I knit four last year!), but this dress is a special one. Not only because I learned and successfully used a new technique, but also because of how cute Line looks in it.

Wishes for 2018?

Do I have special wishes for 2018? I don’t think it’s all that different compared to last year, but maybe a couple which are more defined than others:

First of all, I want to buy less yarn and use more yarn.
A year without buying yarn is no longer in the cards for 2018, since I placed an order last week for a project for which I ran out of yarn. Yes, rolling your eyes is allowed, I also rolled them when I wrote this down.
But anyway, I have bought a lot of wool over the years with certain goals in mind. High time now to realise a few of those goals. And now’s for hoping that the stashed yarn is sufficient for the project I have in mind, because we all know that this will not end well if it doesn’t πŸ˜‰

Secondly, I want to make one or more sweaters for myself again.
A fair-isle pullover is the ultimate goal. Whether it will be for this year remains to be seen. Motivator, besides the fact that those sweaters are so gorgeous, is that it is also ideal to work up small remnants of colour. So in this case, one project could serve both wishes 1 and 2.
And then I want to extend my wardrobe with some more cropped cardigans to wear over dresses. I have a lot of dresses for which I do not have the ideal sweater, so I’ll like to work a bit more on that.

Thirdly, I would like to sew a dress for myself.
I am already doing well in sewing lessons. For the time being it looks really good and if it does end up like it looks in my minds eye, it will be brilliant. Literally and figuratively, because the fabric has glimmers πŸ˜‰

Apart from these three wishes, I still have many plans and ideas that I don’t really want to pin down for 2018. I don’t want to overwhelm myself, since this is still my hobby and in the end I’m only going to make what I want to make at the time I want to make it. But wishing and dreaming is allowed, so I still wrote down the 3 wishes above. I’ll see you at the start of 2019 for the final score πŸ˜‰

How was your creative 2017? Goals/wishes achieved? And what are the plans for this year?


My secret santa gift

They say that you can look back at the previous year until the end of January. If that’s the case, I’m totally going to ignore that rule, since I’m a little behind with my overviews of 2017. I still have at least 4 posts under way, but that’s not the reason for this post. In this post, I want to show what became my last handmade item of 2017.

Since a couple of years we give Christmas gifts based on a lottery system. The name I pulled out of the hat was that of Amelie, my brother’s third daughter.
Amelie loves dolls, so I immediately knew what I was going to give her: a handmade doll.

I apologise in advance for the bad photo’s. I couldn’t find anywhere in the house with decent lighting, so I had to resort to crafting with white paper and Photoshop. I’m not really happy with the result, but that’s all I have to show. The fact that I actually don’t know the first thing about photography didn’t really help here either.

The pattern for the doll I already had perfected when I made some of my previous dolls, so crocheting the doll went fairly quick. It were her outfits that required most of the testing and planning.
Actually, the hair for this doll was a new experiment as well, based on a picture I found on Pinterest. I really like this, especially since it kind of resembles Amelie’s hairdo.


The first outfit I made for Amelie’s doll was an elf-costume.
After some contemplation, I decided to attach her wings to the dress and not to the doll, so that the doll remained versatile.
Inspiration for the dress was found in flowers, while inspiration for the wings came from butterflies. The whole outfit mixed together with a glittery silver thread, made it look even more fantastical.


I love how this turned out. So cute and magical!


For the second outfit, I found inspiration with Lego Elves. I chose to imitate Azari, because she’s pink. No further reasons are needed πŸ˜‰


The bodice was crocheted in two colours to replicate the two-toned dress. The skirt was given a flammey look by combining different size stitches. And finally, the doll received two additional pairs of shoes, just like Azari: comfi, but firm boots and airy, cute sandals.


The third and final outfit transformed the doll into a mermaid, with a beautiful light blue tail with golden accents throughout.

I could have kept on crocheting to create a fourth, fifth, sixth outfit, since I still have plenty of ideas, but I ran out of time. And a handmaid doll with three outfits already made a very nice Christmas present, no?
Amelie loved it, by the way. She was so excited to change her dolls clothes that she nearly decapitated her!
Happy Amelie = happy auntie!