Made another security blanket

I’ve been neglecting this place again, haven’t I?

These last two weeks were a bit *meh*.
I had to briefly go to Finland again for work and once I got back I wasn’t feeling 100%. But I never feel sick enough to justify to myself to stay home and I also don’t easily go to the doctor. So I kept working, even if I did feel all that.

And then last week I really wasn’t well.
I felt hot, too hot, so hot. And I wasn’t hungry. Ugh, food, no thanks. And tired, so tired. But after a couple of days with extra sleep and a couple of fever tablets, the problem was solved. More or less at least.

Normally I was also going to visit a newborn baby, but I thought it a bit irresponsible with the way I was feeling. I would have never forgiven myself if I got mum or baby sick. So the visit got postponed to Monday, which gave me some more time to finish my gift.

RKD 01

A security blanket with matching softie, a fish this time. This wasn’t inspired by the announcement card, but fish were the overall theme.

RKD 02

The security blanket is a simple, old-fashioned granny square with a shell edging.

RKD 03

The fish was made using an existing pattern with a couple of changes like the lips and eyes.

RKD 04

And then all that was left was to sew the fish to the blanket.

As always I was a little apprehensive about giving the gift.
I have one bad experience where the mum looked at my diy-gift as if it was something I had dug out of the garbage. This experience always makes me a little anxious for future home-made gifts. Well, some people can’t appreciate them, that’s just so.
But luckily my nervousness was unfounded! The present was happily received. Jeij! 😉

The details
Pattern: Combination of a granny square and a fish (Fredde the fish by Apocalypse knits)
Yarn: Zeeman Super soft in pastel yellow, pastel green, yellow, green and orange.
Needle: 3,5mm for the blanket, 3mm for the fish
Made for: Eve’s Renate

Instagram & WIPs

This summer my phone died.
It wasn’t completely unexpected, but I had hoped it would last until the release of the new IPhone. I had set my mind on the IPhone 5S and I hoped the release of the new model would bring down the price. Unfortunately, I do not have such luck and thus needed to buy a new phone straight away.
I still hesitated, because an IPhone does cost a lot of money, but eventually my provider of gas and electricity pushed me to buy my coveted phone.
“Huh?” I hear you think, “Your provider did?”
Well, almost around the same time I got my end-of-year bill, which stated I would get over 700 euro’s back. Now, I do know that those 700 euro’s is just money I paid too much throughout the year, but somehow it helped me justify the purchase to myself.

Anyway, this intro to announce that, now that I have such a clever phone, I have created an Instagram account. So for those who wish to follow me, you can find me here!

Nerd alert! While reading "It seemed far larger inside..." my brain immediately goed: "TARDIS!!"

Nerd alert! While reading ‘It seemed far larger inside…’ my brain immediately goed: “TARDIS!!”



I post a variety of pictures. There’s no real line in them. But it does seem that Instagram is the perfect medium for me to show you some more of my WIPs.

Error at Bookdepository :(

Error at Bookdepository :(

For the first time, fries in the AirFryer!

For the first time, fries in the AirFryer!

If you have been following, you might already know that I seem to have a problem with writing about my WIPs. For some reason I always want to wait until the project is finished before showing it, which results in sometimes long periods without any mention of knitting or crochet on the blog. But now I have already posted a couple of pics of projects I’m working on.

I learned to knit the magic loop!

I learned to knit the magic loop!

It's not going like I envisioned. Ripping back!

It’s not going like I envisioned. Ripping back!

So for my readers who do not have an instagram account, it thought it might be fun if I showed some of the more interesting pictures here as well.

A long commute can have it's advantages. My new gloves are done!

A long commute can have it’s advantages. My new gloves are done!

That's more like it!

That’s more like it!

The (probably) last icecream of 2015 should be a good one!

The (probably) last icecream of 2015 should be a good one!

And also in the sidebar I added a button to my Instagram account and a small mosaic of my most recent pictures.


Gus the knight

One of my colleagues became mom to a little boy named Gus last November. The announcement featured this tough-looking knight.


So when I got to test a pattern for a knight doll for Annelies from Vicarno , I already knew to whom I was going to give my knight.

I’ve finished my doll a while back, but I was not allowed to show it off before the pattern was published. And now it has, in number 69 of the Inside Crochet magazine. I don’t know if Annelies will be self publishing the pattern as well too in future, so if you have any questions about that, please go to her directly!

Oh, and I was told by Gus’ mom to tell you she’s very happy with the little knight. You are very welcome! 😉
She also gave me this great photographs!!! How cute!