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    Fairyloot Adult #2: The City of Dusk

    At the end of last year, Fairyloot announced that they were going to launch a new product in March 2022, namely the Adult Fantasy Book-Only subscription. While their standard subscription focuses on Young-Adult fantasy with extra goodies, this subscription would only contain fantasy books intended for an adult audience. That box would then contain only a book, with no extras.…

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    Reading journal June 2022

    For my July reading journal, my inspiration came entirely from this beautiful photo that I came across on Pinterest. I absolutely love these colours! I was so charmed by the photo that I didn’t even consider that it was not a bookish photo until much later, lol. My printer printed the photo somewhat dark, but I didn’t want to print…

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    Magical Readathon: Orilium Autumn Equinox TBR

    August is already the third readathon in G’s (Book Roast) Magical Readathon Series. Until a few years ago, The Magical Readathon was a reading challenge inspired by Harry Potter, but now G has taken a completely different route and invented her own universe: Orilium. In essence, Orilium is a prestigious, magical university in the world of Aeldia. We, as readers,…

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    Mid-year reading 2022

    Since I started keeping a reading journal in 2019, I also started tracking a lot of numbers about the books I read, not only in my journal but also in a massive Excel file containing loads of data on my reading habits. Because I have now collected a couple of years of data, I can now also make some nice…

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    Genre blanket: April

    April was a very prolific reading month, due to the first semester of the new magical readathon by G. Readathons always motivate me to read a lot and this was definitely the case in April, where I read a total of 16 books. This of course also meant quite a lot of crocheting for my genre blanket, for which I…

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    May reading journal

    For my May reading journal theme, I didn’t immediately have an idea what I wanted to do. When I’m at a loss, I usually take to scrolling through pinterest and instagram for inspiration. That’s how I came across this spread from Creachick, which got my creative juices flowing. Once I kind of had my desired color palette in mind, everything…

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    When Andi Satterlund from Untangling Knots published her Arachne last year, I couldn’t stop myself from buying it and scouring my stash for fitting yarn. I knit a couple of swatches, considered some different colour options for the spiderweb and then enthousiastically started knitting Round after round flew from my needles, so that I could see that beautiful spiderweb grow.…

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    Kokeshi dress for princess P

    Princess P, daughter of my friend (*ahum* queen) Evelien, celebrated her birthday. The perfect excuse for me to make another Catalina dress. I found a really cute (kawaii) fabric in my stash: fuchsia with a pattern of kokeshi dolls After she made a couple of pirouettes the dress received the Princess P seal of approval 😉 Cheers, Charlotte

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    Lola floral dress

    A while ago I bought a number of fabrics online at budgetstoffen. I actually only needed one thing, but all stores were closed at the time for known reasons, so to avoid shipping costs, I bought more than strictly necessary. OK yes, that’s the excuse that I keep giving myself;) One of the fabrics I bought was a light, supple…

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    Rich Lady Dress

    About three years ago, I bought a few meters of light blue jacquard with a pied-de-poule motif, because it was on sale. When purchasing I had an idea of ​​what I wanted to make with it, but I don’t remember that now. Indeed, another case of me buying something, put it in the attic with the rest of my stash,…