Big Brother is watching you

Today’s my birthday.
And I’m not just saying this to get birthday-wishes, but because I saw this on Google this morning:


And I though, “Hey, what a coincidence. What would be the meaning of these cakes? A famous birthday?”

And then I scrolled over the image and saw this:

Translation: Congratulations, Charlotte!

Translation: Congratulations, Charlotte!

And yeah, that does creep me out a little.

Yes, I admit, it’s mostly very convenient that Google remembers all sorts of things, like passwords and usernames and search terms. But a part of me does feel uncomfortable about all this.

But hey, I won’t let it spoil my day and isn’t that exactly what they want?
» insert ominous music «

It’s already over

The lion’s share of my vacation has already passed by. But a glorious vacation it was!

My goddaughter’s sleepover and planned visit to an amusement park was a rounding success. Definitely worth repeating!

Then followed the travelling portion of my vacation.
My parents were staying with the caravan in Saint Rémy de Provence for a couple of weeks. Since I had no other plans this summer, I decided to visit them for a week.

My arrival was a little depressing, since it started raining the moment I set foot on French soil and didn’t relent for the rest of the day. Luckily it was only that day!

My plan for this trip was that I didn’t have a plan. I just wanted to be away for a while. No obligations, no things I absolutely wanted to see or do. Just at ease, relaxing. And relaxing it was! I rested (and slept) a lot, read a fair share and did a teensy bit of crocheting and knitting. It just was too hot for that.
But happily I also visited quite a lot! The Provence is such a beautiful region.

A region of glorious views

And picturesque, sometimes dilapidated buildings and cosy alleys.

A region with castles and villages high in the rocks.

And folkloric celebrations.

A region with Roman sites.

A pinch of Van Gogh.

Van Gogh - Café de la nuit

Van Gogh – Café de la nuit

And occasionally a beautiful butterfly.
De obligte vlinderfoto op vakantie

De obligte vlinderfoto op vakantie

But unfortunately, all good things come to an end. I still have vacation this week, but then it’s back to work. Sigh. I’m still enjoying the afterglow though!