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July book haul

I do most of my reading on my e-reader nowadays. I bought it almost 3 years ago and since then it has claimed its place in my purse. But that doesn’t mean that I no longer buy paper books. I adore buying books, just as much as I adore buying yarn! This month alone I Lees meer »

The Miniaturist

I bought The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton in February through Bookdepository. I had read about the book on Goodreads. The cover is beautiful, the synopsis intriguing and the reviews mostly positive. So when I felt like buying books from my favourite online bookshop again, I didn’t hesitate too long to add it to my cart. Lees meer »

The Girl with all the Gifts

For 3 months I’ve been suffering from a reading-block. Not a single book could entice me, but not by lack of trying from my part. I don’t think it was the books’ fault, but mostly due to my state of mind. Eventually, I forced myself to pick a book and stick by it. Therefore I Lees meer »