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Instagram & WIPs

This summer my phone died. It wasn’t completely unexpected, but I had hoped it would last until the release of the new IPhone. I had set my mind on the IPhone 5S and I hoped the release of the new model would bring down the price. Unfortunately, I do not have such luck and thus Lees meer »

Big Brother is watching you

Today’s my birthday. And I’m not just saying this to get birthday-wishes, but because I saw this on Google this morning: And I though, “Hey, what a coincidence. What would be the meaning of these cakes? A famous birthday?” And then I scrolled over the image and saw this: And yeah, that does creep me Lees meer »

It’s already over

The lion’s share of my vacation has already passed by. But a glorious vacation it was! My goddaughter’s sleepover and planned visit to an amusement park was a rounding success. Definitely worth repeating! Then followed the travelling portion of my vacation. My parents were staying with the caravan in Saint Rémy de Provence for a Lees meer »


Boy, oh, boy, I thought I would never get here, but now it’s finally happening. I’m on vacation!!!! Jeij!!!! Starting tomorrow my goddaughter is coming to stay for the first stime, so that’s very exciting! She’s been looking forward to it a lot and has been crossing off days on the calendar for a month Lees meer »

Sport and salads

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of salads. This is due to the fact that I no longer lunch in our cafetaria at work every day. I’ve been bringing my own lunches, which are mostly salads. Much healthier than the dishes served in the canteen, which are often greasy and salty. The reason why I Lees meer »

Noses and needles

If I had bothered to look further than the length of my nose, I would have been able to answer my own question about Catania from my previous post. Can you remember this dress from last year? Well, I crocheted this with exactly 6 skeins of Catania cotton and the end result wasn’t too heavy Lees meer »

Summer yarn question

Good morning all! Have a nice Pentecostal Monday ^_^ In reaction to my previous post, Myriam asked me if Catania cotton is well suited to make summery clothes with. I had always assumed it is. It can’t only be meant for amigurumi, right? But due to another reaction, by Marianne, I’m starting to have doubts. Lees meer »

Why I couldn’t control myself this time

In my previous post I already mentioned that I had a shopping spree in a yarn shop. This was triggered by a single pattern that had been on my mind for a while now. Until last Thursday I had been able to control myself, but then I saw some other patterns that really made my Lees meer »

The ever growing list and the yarn trap

I have a lot of yarn. A whole lot of yarn. According to my stash on Ravelry I have 84719 meters lying around the house. That’s about 33 kilos. Oh dear, that’s really a lot! And still, still I never have what I need. You’re probably familiar with this issue? I have the obnoxious habbit Lees meer »