Reading journal March 2023

Although March was a drizzly and cold month this year, with few actual spring-like days, I still wanted to do something cheerful and full of flowers for my reading journal.
Just like in February, I used elements from a calendar of last year.

Eventually I only used one cut-out from the calendar, namely the patterned paper with pink/orange flowers. This pattern was also the inspiration for the colours used for the text throughout the month.
All other elements I had lying around or I printed from Pinterest.

As you could already read in my post about the books read in March, my choice of TBR turned out to be not so successful. I had been a bit too ambitious with all the big fantasy books I wanted to read, so I quite quickly came to the decision to only concentrate on one of the 3 adult fantasy books, which suited me much better!

And it probably won’t surprise you that that one big fantasy immediately became my favourite of the month. A big boy of 1328 pages, but SOOOOO good.

I really don’t have much more to say about the design of this spread, except that it was continued in the same way as the title spread. Oh, and that I used one more image from the calendar, namely that of the tulip, at the bottom left 😉

And then the individual books read pages, again continuing in the same vain.
For the dividing lines between general book information and my mini-reviews, I was again inspired by the pattern from the calendar. Very simply an orange line with pink tassel-like flowers. Simple but effective 🙂


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