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Genre blanket: June

June turned out to be another good and varied reading month, albeit a bit more Sci-Fi heavy than usual, but that’s a genre I want to read more of anyway.
In total I read nine books spread over 6 different genre blanket genres.

Juni genres
1. Sci-Fi
2. Thriller
3. Sci-Fi
4. YA Fantasy
5. Historical Romance
6. Sci-Fi
7. Romance
8. Adult Fantasy
9. YA Fantasy

When I lay the blanket flat on the floor, it is noticeable that it is slightly skewed. It’s more like a trapezoid than a rectangle. This is probably due to a varying thread tension over the months I’ve been working on this. Sometimes it will be more relaxed, causing one row to be slightly larger than the other. At least it’s not because of accidentally adding or losing stitches, because my number of stitches is exactly the same as when I started.
Well, then it’s crooked. If it’s finished and I can wash it, maybe it will get straighter on its own. Or if it really bothers me, maybe I can add another border?

I had no intention of adding a board when I started this project. It would just be the waves and nothing else. But if it really bothers me that it’s not 100% straight, a border can straighten this out a bit. I could possibly use the color of my favorite book or something. Or just stay in the basic color gray of course. We’ll see!

In any case, apart from the fact that it is slightly skewed, I still really like the stripes and colors.


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