Blub blub blub

Dit is een artikel dat gekopieerd werd uit mijn oude blog. Toen schreef ik nog uitsluitend in het Engels.

After finishing the ripple blanket and the cerulean half granny square, I still had some scraps of the wool left. So, to stay in the sea/ocean theme, I crocheted this amigurumi fish.


This is a very easy pattern to crochet. It’s freely available from this blog here.
No sewing is required for this fish, as the fins are crocheted by picking up stitches from the body. I hadn’t done that before and hadn’t even heard about it either. It’s strange that I hadn’t thought of doing it myself, as it is such a logical thing to do! Especially when you don’t like the sewing 😉


This fish is also a perfect entry for our Under the Sea CAL over at amis des gurumi. Come join us!


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