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My secret santa gift

They say that you can look back at the previous year until the end of January. If that’s the case, I’m totally going to ignore that rule, since I’m a little behind with my overviews of 2017. I still have at least 4 posts under way, but that’s not the reason for this post. In Lees meer »

Made another security blanket

I’ve been neglecting this place again, haven’t I? These last two weeks were a bit *meh*. I had to briefly go to Finland again for work and once I got back I wasn’t feeling 100%. But I never feel sick enough to justify to myself to stay home and I also don’t easily go to Lees meer »

Gus the knight

One of my colleagues became mom to a little boy named Gus last November. The announcement featured this tough-looking knight. So when I got to test a pattern for a knight doll for Annelies from Vicarno , I already knew to whom I was going to give my knight. I’ve finished my doll a while Lees meer »

Almost two years later

In a previous message I mentioned I was thinking about starting a new crochet project, but instead I picked up an old unfinished project! This bolero was started over 2 years ago from a free pattern found through Ravelry. It’s made from 10 squares, which I finished and assembled on the go. And then I Lees meer »

Janne’s ripple blanket: Ta-dah!

I’ve finished it for a while now, but I wanted to wait to show it here until I had given it to its recipient. I made this ripple as a special request by my god-daughter and Sunday I gave it to her on her birthday party. I can’t believe she’s 5 already! I had been Lees meer »

Princess dress

The second Christmas present that I finished was the gift for my littlest niece, Emma. Emma also was the lucky recipient of the rainbow hearts-blanket, but for this gift I wanted to make something wearable: a dress. On Ravelry my eye fell on this project by Gabeycakes. And the best bit was that the pattern Lees meer »

The First Christmas present

My first hand-made gift this Christmas that exchanged owners was the one I made for my godmother (aka meetje). A long while ago I had purchased the yarn for the project I wanted to make for her. The yarn was Drops Fabel in the colour 677 green/turquoise. The plan was to make a shawl out Lees meer »

Once upon a time…

…there were three skeins of Alpaca. Three beautiful, soft skeins of Alpaca, each in an even more beautiful colour. A rust coloured skein a blue coloured skein and a purple coloured skein These three skeins of Alpaca were bought a long time ago in a sale. They weren’t bought for a particular reason. No, no Lees meer »

Hot hot hot!!

Man, it’s way too HOT here. Too hot to do anything. Personally, I’m not good with this kind of heat (i.e. 30-35 °C). I feel so lethargic and my arms and legs weigh like lead. So there wasn’t much action around here this weekend. BUT I did make a decision about the patchwork blanket. To Lees meer »