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Angel Wings Pinafore turned to Dress

The original pattern for this dress is, as its name says, actually a pinafore, which means it is made to be open at the back. The pattern is a free one by Maxine Gonser. I made some small adjustments to make an actual dress. Below I’ll provide a copy of the actual pattern in black Lees meer »

Planned random

A couple of days back there was again a discussion on Ravelry about the random use of colours. The popular projects by Lucy from Attic24 are always very colourful and each colour is chosen at random by grabbing in a bag without looking.           ©Attic24 – ©dennismarquez – ©Nanita – ©tiggersjp I can’t do Lees meer »

Pattern: Hearts Blanket

Hello all! As you can see, I’m back from vacation and here to give you the reason why you probably all visit me 😉 : the translation of the popular post explaining how to make the hearts blanket.      I must say I’m quite overwhelmed by all the attention my rainbow heart blanket has been Lees meer »

Tutorial: Ministeck Join

Goodday to you all! Today I shall try to explain to you, with lots of pictures and charts, how I joined my squares in my kaleidoscope blanket a.k.a. the ministeck join. It really is a very easy and very quick method. Perfect to join hundreds of little squares ^_^ . Important to know is that Lees meer »

How I learned to Crochet

Crocheting; a necessity if you want to make amigurumi. I have always had a vague interest for crocheting, but never ventured further than an interest. The only thing I could crochet was a chain. With my fingers. 8) But now that I wanted to create amigurumi I had to learn how to crochet properly. During Lees meer »